Sep 19

Long time, No post

So this blog has been hanging about for a while and doing sweet FA. Thought it was about time I posted again.

Got nothing particular to say. But soon I will. In the mean time here is a photo from my holiday.


Nov 25

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sure I don’t get to play games anywhere near as much as I would like, but I do want this one.
And about a months holiday to go along with it.

i'm a super fit special forces dude.... on the inside

Nov 24

Magic Trackpad

magic trackpad of magicness

 Not a lot to say about this is that I like it. There should be more trackpads and touchscreens everwhere!

Nov 24

DSLR lomo Lenses

I love my Holgas, I’d love a whole family of lomo cameras.
I’d love to be able to lomo in the digital world too…

diana lenses

Nov 17

Opera Australia’s Great Christmas Caper

I like Opera, and I like Christmas.
But I’m already busy on my birthday… So don’t book tickets then.

Nov 17

Mr Potato Head

Spud Lightyear – Mr Potato Head

will fit perfectly into my potato army

Nov 11

Nice Things

Yes I’m a big sap, but this is possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me…

I just totally saw the results of what you will be like as a dad
cutest thing ever
little girl with a big cut out paper pair of wings on pink paper gaffed to the back of her t-shirt
anyway – made me think of you
sure, I know if you had access to a sewing machine and some tule you’d make some kick-ass ones, but i reckon in the light of a screaming tantrum, you would totally solve the problem with some handy gaff

Of course now I’m going to feel obliged to gaff fairy wings to my future daughters t-shirt, if/when she arrives.
But I’m ok with that.

Nov 11


Our Movember team consists of a few Mo-Sista’s.
This Mo-Sista is growong a Mo every week and sending photos to her donors.

This week has been interesting – the Mo rash has almost been unbearable….. so my partner tells me ?. He has asked me to refrain from kissing him until I shave it off. Good luck with that buddy.

This week’s first mo is dedicated to a bloke who no doubt has been every boys hero at some point in their life. This look takes a bit of work to master – first the trimming has to be precise and then there is the bleach….. Get either of these wrong and you could go from looking hulk-a-licious to just outright pansy-licious


So after my failed attempt at being like my hero Hulk Hogan I have resigned myself to yet another porno-stash. Somehow I seem to pull this look of better which is a bit of a worry – keep an eye out at your local video store this might be my chance for a big break. :)


Have a great remaining mo-week

Mo Sista out…….

Please donate to this fine upstanding Mo-Sista –

Nov 03


I don’t want to brag, but I’m #1 in our team’s fundrasing. I don’t want to brag because it’s only $70 so far, from two donors.

Sure I didn’t have to do a lot to get, but I’m taking the win. What I’m not doing is taking a picture. Day 2 looks lots like Day 1, at least it does at this hour of the morning. not sure how I’m going to make it through a month of having to shave almost all my face every morning.

Come on people get our your wallets/purses/money clips/and small change! You can do something for mens health, and win the chance to choose what my final mo will look like, both at the same time! How good is that?

In case you missed it, you can donate here

Nov 03

Two Rehearsals Left

I realised tonight there are only two rehearsals left of Blithe Spirit before Preview.
Holy crap that’s a bit scary.

I’m knackered, doing the show the way we have has meant I’ve had to rework things a few times. Nothing major, but enough for me to notice that the process is drawn out more than I’m used to. Typically I’ll attend rehearsals for a few weeks to a month, watch what’s going on, see the blocking unfold, giving me an understanding of when, where, and  why the actors will be, so I can design the plot in my head and on paper. The Sunday before a Friday or Saturday opening is usually when I get to rig, focus and start plotting. Not so with this one. The extra time in the venue has been good in that I get a chance to play a bit and get an understanding of how I can make things work in this space, but what it’s also meant is I was rigging and focusing before I have the full understanding of what the whole show looks like. The resulting rework though, by and large, hasn’t been too much of a hassle, it seems I’ve done lots more work, when the reality is I’ve done about the same, just stretched it out a lot longer.

We’re close, very very close. I have a load of work to do on the weekend to get things ship shape. From now on we have to run it as if it’s a real show. Tomorrow night I’ll be sorting through my endless lists of notes of things that need doing, doing some of them, resolving not to do others), marking up the Sound and Lighting scripts, fixing portraits and generally getting my shit together. Tonight we lost a dimmer channel (twas an almighty pop, none of the smoke got out though) which is a right pain in the rectum, but fingers crossed it’ll be solvable before opening, either that or I’ll be reprogramming the desk, of course it would have to be one of the channels that is in almost every fucking cue.

On the whole Im really happy with how tonight came together. It could have been a lot lot worse. One more practise run, then Sunday we have to nail it.

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