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Nov 11

Nice Things

Yes I’m a big sap, but this is possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me… I just totally saw the results of what you will be like as a dad cutest thing ever little girl with a big cut out paper pair of wings on pink paper gaffed to the …

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Sep 13

Classic Cars

My car went to the shop. A bit fell out, a quite important one. At first I thought it had sheared off, but no, it’s just gone. So Monday my car went off to the mechanic. I take my car to Cummins Classic Cars, mostly because they do a great job, the other reason is …

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Sep 09

I won!!!


Today I entered a caption competition… @scottsues wanted a caption for @shaneogden‘s avatar. It looks like this. …and the winning caption: “Is that a McDonalds Pickle I see up there?” I suspect there weren’t too many entries. **Update 10/09** @scottsues was kind enough to clarify I was the only entrant… “@caseymoonwatton you were but don’t …

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Sep 06

Monday Morning #Fail

Walked to work this morning. It’s always a challange to drag my sorry arse to work on foot. But this mornings walk was quite pleasant listening to my buddies at I got to work to discover that I didn’t bring my belt. Nor did I bring my shoes. So today will henceforth be known …

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Aug 31

New Projects

For the second night in a row it’s gotten too late to read… I need some sleep. Damn you new and exciting projects for getting in the way of me finishing John Birminghams’ ‘Without Warning’. Actually not damn you at all! I’m quite excited about these new projects, can’t wait for them to be at …

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Aug 29

Joss Whedon, speaker of stuffs.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Joss Whedon speak. It was an absolute pleasure. I’m happy to admit that I’m nerdy. I’m happy to admit that I was quite excited to see the creator of something that was such a major part of my post university social life speak. Can’t say I was prepared …

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Aug 27

Its ok to change

“Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.” I came across this quote on twitter. For some reason it stood out amongst the never ending stream of information that is my twitter feed, I don’t understand why …

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Aug 27

The begining

What’s up blogsphere? Over the years there has been a few attempts a a blog, and here it goes again. This time however, it’s going to stick. My friends and I are working on an idea. For a blog. So far it looks promising. There’s lots of work to go yet though, so I’m back …

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