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Oct 09

Pac-Man Moleskins

Moleskins. Pac-Man. I know right?!

Oct 04

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture Yes like nerds everywhere I saw this on Iron Man 2 and said “I want me one of them”. It would be hell cool to have on the desk at work so that when my day’s not going the way it should I can be distracted by the spinny …

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Oct 01

Robot Lamps

robolamp on Etsy I stumbled across these beauties. I’ve only listed two samples, but lets be honest, they are all rocking. Any one of these would make a suitable addition to the Den Of Awesome, the study, and possibly even the bedroom. After-all I need a robot army to protect me from invading space aliens …

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Sep 30

Turtle Beach Ear Force® X41

Turtle Beach Ear Force® X41 I’ve wanted these headphones for ages. It means I can game in surround sound n the den of awesome and not disturb my housemates. We re going to have little ears to be mindful of (and lets face it screaming to block out) soon, so being hones getting me a …

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Sep 30



Awesome Official 1966 Batmobile Replicas Now For Sale | If had one I could take a girl like this out for dinner and no-one would think it’s weird.

Sep 30

Things I want for Xmas

I started posting some things I want for Xmas on twitter. In order to make it easier for you all to track, I shall collate them here. If you do purchase it leave an anonymous comment so someone else doesn’t buy (unless it’s awesome and I need two). If it’s your product and you want …

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