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Sep 19

Long time, No post


So this blog has been hanging about for a while and doing sweet FA. Thought it was about time I posted again. Got nothing particular to say. But soon I will. In the mean time here is a photo from my holiday.

Oct 06

You bunch of internet wankers

That’s right, wankers. My friend GirlClumsy is undertaking a challenge, #30before30. So far it’s been a cracking read. But last night I was disappointed. I’ve know GC for a long time now. I’ll never forget s sitting in the dark in the gallery of the Brisbane Arts Theatre as the opening night of Nick Enrigth’s …

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Oct 04

The house is empty

This is a big house when it’s empty. Am sure my housemates are enjoying their holiday, but I’m not quite sure what to do with all this space while they are gone!