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Blithe Spirit - Hunters Hill Theatre - 12 - 27 November Directed by David Went Lighting Design by me.

Nov 03

Two Rehearsals Left

I realised tonight there are only two rehearsals left of Blithe Spirit before Preview. Holy crap that’s a bit scary. I’m knackered, doing the show the way we have has meant I’ve had to rework things a few times. Nothing major, but enough for me to notice that the process is drawn out more than …

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Oct 18

Tonights list of jobs…

Tonights list of jobs for the show was quite large. Most of them depended on me getting up on a ladder on the stage. I arrived tonight to find the stage floor freshly painted. So fresh in fact it was wet. A quick refactoring of my plan, and I did as much as I could …

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Oct 05

My new friend


Say hello to my new friend. I have managed to work out how to program a show into it. But I miss the flexibility of The Brisbane Arts Theatre’s Strand console, hell even Centenary Players LSC! I shouldn’t complain, it’s good equipment, but I have been spoiled in the past.

Oct 04

Rigging well in advance

Tomorrow I’ll be rigging for Blithe Spirit. By tomorrow of course I mean, when I wake up. This is a novel concept as I’m used to rigging the lights the Sunday before a show opens, then not ever having quite enough time to tweak them. I’ve not even seen a rehearsal of this show yet. …

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