Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 31

Day 1

Today I shaved off my beard. It’s for a good cause, and I’m going to look totally awesome with my mo. Pictures and links will be provided here, along with details of how I make it through life without a beard. It’s going to be hard.

Oct 21

Tron-inspired Watch

Yes this will be watch number 2 on the list, but look at it, how could I not want it?!

Oct 19

thinkTANK Camera Bag

I stumbled across these guys thanks to twitter. I’ve always struggled with a camera bag that works for me. My over the shoulder bag is on it’s way out… these look like a good option. ┬áIf you click the images it’ll take you to the place you can buy them. $US is looking pretty good …

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Oct 18

Tonights list of jobs…

Tonights list of jobs for the show was quite large. Most of them depended on me getting up on a ladder on the stage. I arrived tonight to find the stage floor freshly painted. So fresh in fact it was wet. A quick refactoring of my plan, and I did as much as I could …

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Oct 14

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

So I’m a little late out of the gates with this one, but it was so bad I felt the need to kick off a review category on this blog. Did You Hear About the Morgans? was released in Australia Boxing Day 2009. Boxing Day. Each Boxing Day I partake in a tradition of seeing …

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Oct 14

f-stop Watch

I like photography, I like watches. It’s naff, but I like it.

Oct 13

Bathrobe (via @fredllama)

Believe it or not I have never had a bathrobe. I’ve used on in a hotel, but never had my own. Thanks @fredllama for this #thingscaseywantsforxmas suggestion,

Oct 11

Kogan Radio

Please Santa, Because I don’t have enough gadgets in my house.

Oct 09

Pac-Man Moleskins

Moleskins. Pac-Man. I know right?!

Oct 06

You bunch of internet wankers

That’s right, wankers. My friend GirlClumsy is undertaking a challenge, #30before30. So far it’s been a cracking read. But last night I was disappointed. I’ve know GC for a long time now. I’ll never forget s sitting in the dark in the gallery of the Brisbane Arts Theatre as the opening night of Nick Enrigth’s …

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