Nov 01

Day 1 – Part II

Movember Day 1

Day 1 without a the beard.
Donate here –

So why am I doing this? Good question.
Prostate Cancer isn’t very nice, and neither is depression. If I get Prostate Cancer, there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to be depressed, at least for a little while. so I figure I should be proactive rather than reactive and get two very good causes some cash now. If I do get then I wont feel bad relying on them for some help, if I don’t, at least I’ll be helping other people I know… right now.

I can feel the temperature of the air on my chin. I really don’t like not having a beard.

Oct 31

Day 1

Today I shaved off my beard.

It’s for a good cause, and I’m going to look totally awesome with my mo.

Pictures and links will be provided here, along with details of how I make it through life without a beard.

It’s going to be hard.

Oct 21

Tron-inspired Watch

Yes this will be watch number 2 on the list, but look at it, how could I not want it?!

inside hours, outside minutes

Oct 19

thinkTANK Camera Bag

I stumbled across these guys thanks to twitter.
I’ve always struggled with a camera bag that works for me. My over the shoulder bag is on it’s way out… these look like a good option.

I like this one..and this one!

 If you click the images it’ll take you to the place you can buy them. $US is looking pretty good at the moment 😉

Oct 18

Tonights list of jobs…

Tonights list of jobs for the show was quite large. Most of them depended on me getting up on a ladder on the stage.

I arrived tonight to find the stage floor freshly painted. So fresh in fact it was wet.

A quick refactoring of my plan, and I did as much as I could without doing the last of my onstage rig and focus. Sunday is going to be a rough tech run, a very rough tech run, but we’ll get there.

On the upside the lovely people at Theatrelight NZ were able to give me the Record ad Erase codes for the desk, this means I’m no longer locked out of record mode on the lighting desk. Not being able to record would have made my life very difficult!

Oct 14

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

So I’m a little late out of the gates with this one, but it was so bad I felt the need to kick off a review category on this blog.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? was released in Australia Boxing Day 2009.
Boxing Day. Each Boxing Day I partake in a tradition of seeing at least one (though usually three) movie that has been released that day. The Lord of he Rings Trilogy kept my friends and I going for a few years, and to be honest we’ve seen some crackers. Last year I was not back in the homeland to partake in the tradition. I can only hope such a fine institution was not sullied by the rubbish I was subjected to last night.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? had some potential. I say that mostly because I have a bit of a boner for Hugh Grant. He’s not quite as awesome as Robert Downey Jr. however his consistency and british accent win over win me over (in a totally heterosexual way) every time (especially ever since he declared himself an island, had a fish tank in his kitchen, drove an Audi TT, made up a fake kid to get laid, and had a fish tank in the kitchen. oh and becoming the Prime Minister and shagging the help was pretty AWSM too).  In this film I also found him to be consistent. Take Hugh and May Steenburgen out of this film and what you have is a big pile of pants. The stinky pooped in kind that the little people wear for the sole purpose of catching wayward bodily fluids, I think you child-herders call them nappies.

Sarah Jessica Parkers claim to fame is that she’s married to the guy that was in that computer movie about the kid who did that thing one time with his computer that almost started WWIII. That and she was in some show about vaginas that lots of chicks loved.

So back tot he movie itself. Directed by Marc Lawrence I had hoped for some humour akin to a person being shot out a cannon into a massive vat of ice cream al la Two Weeks Notice. This movie had none of that. Predictable story line, predictable jokes, and and really bad camera shots (what the camera can’t move while people are talking?). If you’ve read this far congratulations, you’re almost there.

If I was was a girl going on a date and was taken to this “chick flick”, I would not put out. Ever!.
In fact I’d probably have said I needed to go to the toilet about he time the bear came on screen, then gone to  bar and picked up  random instead.

Casey’s Score: PANTS!

Oct 14

f-stop Watch

I like photography, I like watches.

It’s naff, but I like it.

2.8 o'clock

Oct 13

Bathrobe (via @fredllama)

Believe it or not I have never had a bathrobe.
I’ve used on in a hotel, but never had my own.

Thanks @fredllama for this #thingscaseywantsforxmas suggestion,

it would be ok to wear this grocery shopping right?

Oct 11

Kogan Radio

Please Santa,

Because I don’t have enough gadgets in my house.

streaming & digital radio goodness

Oct 09

Pac-Man Moleskins


chompy chompy

I know right?!

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